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            I will create a 10 post blog series (1 post for each week plus a pre-trip and post-trip), if the funds allow with a video component, documenting my trip and my experiences. These posts will cover all different aspects of my trip, ranging from my actual traveling such as; the plane ride and public transport in Japan, interesting facts and updates on my experience learning the language, the historic landmarks and buildings that I will visit, the shops and malls I explore, as well as the food I experiment with. It will showcase in depth and detail all the program has to offer. While I am there I will have a question and answer thread set up on my blog so people can ask me questions they might have about japan and I can answer them throughout my trip. Bunker Hill students and others around the world will be able to get a sense of the opportunities and experience they stand to gain from studying abroad in Japan.
The target audience of my blog series will be community college students. A lot of students don’t know they are eligible to study abroad. Many look at community college solely as a stepping-stone to a 4-year institution and so a lot of the opportunities offered get overlooked. As a result many community college students don’t even apply to the study abroad scholarships, so the few that do have a really good chance of getting accepted into the programs.
Well I plan to make the most of my trip in Japan so the more experiences I have there the more material I will have to write about on the blog series. I am known for carrying a notebook wherever I go, this is because I like to take notes about interesting things I see and do throughout the day. Also if my budget allows I plan to buy a camera so that I can record videos of my experience in a Video blog format (vlog). This format has become increasingly popular across all ages over the web and specifically YouTube.
I will collaborate with Digication, which is used by Bunker Hill to help students create portfolios and project pages to show case their skills. I will be posting my blog articles on Quora and Medium to spread my content, because students frequent these outlets. If I have a camera I will be posting a vlog series on my YouTube channel.
            I currently run a blog that catalogs all of my academic, personal and professional projects. I already have active accounts on Quora, Medium, and YouTube. As for digication I have a page for Bunker Hill and I am already in the process of re-organizing it to revolve around this trip. I have contacted Bunker Hill to get my blog featured on the school webpage, so more students can see it. Additionally I have enlisted the help of Japanese and other, friends and colleagues to be editors of my blog posts to ensure that my content is politically correct in order to avoid misinterpretations of my experiences.
A final summarizing report will be easy because all of the mediums on which I plan to spread my content provide metrics to monitor impact. My blog tracks how many people visit like and share my posts. On top of that people can actually comment and reply to my blogs, which that in it of itself provides an even deeper level of, impact called audience engagement. Quora, Medium, and YouTube provide similar metric data as well.
I honestly am looking forward to creating the blog series just as much as the trip itself because I feel like it’s a way for me to bring others on this trip with me. Writing the blog posts will be forcing me to reflect on each experience I have in japan, helping me get that much more out of everything I do there, as well as the over all experience. I feel this is the best way to pay forward the generosity that Gilman shown me by relaying my experience to others in an interactive and engaging way.

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