Konnichiwa my name is…

My name is Delson Dasilva and I am a mechanical engineering student, an entrepreneur and connector of people. While I have worked in technology my whole professional life, my skills crossover multiple disciplines and industries. Over the next few weeks I will be traveling Japan, learning the Japanese language and experiencing the culture.

Why this Gaijin

I pride myself in my ability to create and communicate opportunity. For the last three years I have been interning at a Japanese company and volunteering for a Japanese non-profit. Between these two organizations as well as other events I have strived to make a positive impact in the Japanese community here in Boston. I feel as though I have reached a plateau in regards to my ability to help this community. In an effort to better myself through education and experience this summer 2016 I would like to invite you to join me as I adventure through the vibrant lands and rich culture of Japan! I will be studying the Japanese language and experiencing various aspects of a culture that has developed over centuries and influenced the world..


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    During this journey I will be taking a 8 week accelerated course at KCP International Japanese Language School. I will also be visiting other Universities such as the University of Tokyo.

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    While In Japan I will be visiting companies for professional development workshops. As well as volunteering or interning with businesses to support cross culture collaboration.

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    In order to better learn and absorb the immersive cultural experience, I will be visiting historical landmarks all over Japan such as temples, memorials, monuments and more.
    Confirmed cities include;

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    Blog (& Vlog)

    To document this experience I will be writing a 10 part blog series and if resources allow I will be doing a daily vlog as well. Join me in experiencing the marvel that is Japan.

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    Spreading the Word

    My blog series will be posted on this blog, Medium, Quora and the videos will be posted on youtube. Additionally the blog will be advertised on Bunker Hill Community College, ID America, Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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    Q & A

    To really make this adventure interactive I will be engaging frequently with followers through social media to answers questions about my trip, culture, language, and anything else people would like to know. I want to really bring people along with me and show them the best of what Japan has to offer!

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Gaijin; a Japanese word for foreigner or non-Japanese.

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